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Wide range of services to improve BUSINESS PERFORMANCE and PROFITABILITY. 



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Taking care of your routine FINANCIAL and ACCOUNTING operations



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With our BUSINESS ADVISORY SERVICES we use our skills to give proactive advice on how you can improve.



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About MAK Financials

MAK Financial service was established back in 1999 in Mississauga and operates as an independent high functioning accounting and tax consultancy firm.  We cater to entrepreneurial companies and organizations with a diverse set of value added services. We work in close connection with our clientele and give them valuable advice on what impacts their profitability and net worth of shareholders. Our ideology includes joining hands with our clients and proving to be a valuable and honest advisor.  Our work also includes helping entrepreneurs who are dealing with fluctuations, strong competition, cash flows and issues like tax liabilities by eradicating the hurdles that are coming in the way of achieving their targeted profitability and reaching full potential. Furthermore, apart from standard accountancy and taxation services, we also help in business expansion services. Our core focus is on catering to our clients and help them improve and expand their ventures in an organized way. We come up with appropriate queries which would help us reach effective solutions and most importantly give them constant support which would help them turn the impossible ideas into action.

MAK Financial Services caters entrepreneurs who have diverse range of valuable accounting, tax and advisory services for their businesses through persistent improvement and innovation.

MAK Financial Services aims to become the first choice of any entrepreneurial company for advisory services regarding accounting and taxation in the Greater Toronto Area

Our functioning ideology and degree for service include the following:

  • Being reachable and reactive to your requirements
  • Persistent contact dedicated advice.
  • Constant updates on the current trends and regulations that have an impact your venture
  • Giving input which adds value to your opinions and perceptions
  • Make sure that you have the least amount of tax to be paid.
  • Interacting specifications in easily understandable forms
  • Being punctual with completion of assignments.
  • Keeping up organization amass congruity

Our Services

Adding value to your business

Tax and Audit

  • Audit Services
  • Corporate Tax Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Personal Tax Planning
  • Retirement Strategies
  • Self Assessment
  • Trusts & Executorships

Business services

  • Bookkeeping & Accounting
  • Business Start-up & Corporate Finance
  • International Services
  • Payroll

Specialist services

  • Corporate Services
  • Investment and Financial
  • Special Services for Canadians Overseas

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